DMC 550S


A superior integral seam design and quick installation – that’s the hallmark of the DMC 550S panel. This expertly crafted interlocking roof system provides a powerfully protective weather-tight seam. The finished results deliver a substantial measure of quality and style that’s certain to stand the test of time.

Ideal Application


Available widths:

12″, 14″, 16” or 19″*
*Drexel Metals design pressures, wind uplifts and test reports are for specific deck attachments, material gauges, clip spacing and panel widths.

Substrates available:
Galvalume® – 24ga
Drexlume® – 24ga

Product Options:
Factory made or field rolled to exact lengths
Optional: striation, beads, pencil ribs

Can be installed over open frame steel purlins, or over plywood decking and Drexel Metals MetShield® underlayment.

Minimum slope 3:12
Minimum Roof Pitch: 3:12 – low roof pitch


In accordance with UL

UL 580 Wind Uplift (Class 90)
UL 2218 Class 4 Hail Impact
UL 263 Fire Certification
UL 790 Class A Fire Rating
UL Environmental – SRI Third-Party Verified

Finishes and product warranty:

Available in a variety of coatings and colors by AkzoNobel. See the (This should link to the color chart) for standard colors and paint specifications.

Galvalume® Substrate:
High-performance painted metal roofing product, carefully tensioned leveled for superior flatness.
35 Year Warranty
35-Year Non Pro-rated PVDF Paint Warranty

Drexlume® Substrate:
Mill finished Galvalume® with a two-sided, clear acrylic finish.
25 Year Warranty
25-Year Non Pro-rated Drexlume Warranty (Acrylic Coated Galvalume)