A Question About Resale Value After A New Roof

DYMI Metal Roof Project

We wanted to take this opportunity to answer a question from a homeowner about a recent post about getting a new roof. They wanted to know if it’s really true that the resale value of your home goes up after getting a new roof. The short answer is yes.

Higher Resale Value

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who know that roof replacement comes at a premium. House hunters know this too. That’s why many prospective buyers walk away from homes that would soon be in need of a new roof.

If you’re a home seller, however, the same equation can work to your advantage, particularly if you recognize that re-roofing isn’t a sunken cost. Meaning, the upgrade doesn’t simply take a bite out of your savings. Quite the opposite, it often adds a considerable amount to the resale value of your home.

Homeowners typically recoup more than half the amount invested in a new roof. Despite that, anxiety always enters into the picture when you’re talking about laying out big money. What also makes the situation even more stressful are the horror stories that everyone has heard of fly-by-night crews that botched an installation, or perhaps failed to finish the job they were contracted to complete.

A new roof is a big investment, so you don’t want to make the mistake of settling for the first roofing company you run across. The quality of your roof replacement depends largely on the contractors you choose for the job. So, which company will you trust to put a roof over your head?

DYMI Construction demonstrates its commitment to your roofing project in many ways. For starters, our company installs only quality roofing materials with amazing warranties.  No matter which material you end up choosing for your home or business.

Take for example our standing seam metal roof materials from Drexel Metals. In 2012, Drexel Metals introduced their Gold Standard warrant. This industry-leading warranty encompasses the total Drexel Metals system from the roof deck up and covers both materials and replacement labor if the installed Drexel Metals painted product ever were to fail.

To be sure, that means a great deal for a homeowner’s peace of mind. But you have to keep in mind, that if a new roof ends up experiencing problems, faulty shingles are rarely the cause. Much more often, the installers are to blame.

Here, DYMI Construction stands out from most local roofers, because we are contractors with a firmly established, stellar reputation, the company provides a limited warranty on labor in addition to a Satisfaction Guarantee.

With DYMI on your project, you can expect more than the usual. You can expect the job to get done on time and on budget, but equally important, you can also expect the company to continue providing customer service long after the completed installation.

Not sure where to begin? To learn more about your roofing options, call or go online to schedule a free in-home consultation with DYMI Construction today!