Doing regular inspections and maintenance ensures the longevity of your roof.

We’re sure that sounds good in theory, but who has the time, the tall ladder and isn’t afraid of heights? And who knows what the heck they are looking for in the first place? Well, we’re glad you asked because DYMI Construction does!

Sometimes roof damage won’t be obvious, no leaks that you can see/hear or shingles laying around the house or a piece of flashing flapping in the wind. So getting your roof inspected once or twice a year is always a great idea.

That being said, with storms getting worse every year you might get into a situation where you’ll know there is immediate damage to your roof.

Wind damage
Damage from trees, bushes, and more
Hail and storm damage
Damaged shingles
Roof flashing leaks or damage
Damaged gutters and downspouts
Wood rot

If you experience problems with your roof, whether it’s finding parts of tiles or shingles in the front yard, or waking up to a leak dripping on your bedroom ceiling, DYMI Construction is just a phone call away. 

We have skilled staff who are experts at finding the source of the damage and location of the damage. Our team member will look over the entire roof for damage while searching for the leak location, so any other damage is caught early. They will assess the damage and give you the best solution to repair the damage to your roof.

A typical roof repair, depending on the damage of course, can take a couple of hours to fix. If you call about an emergency repair and the weather is not permitting work to be done to your roof, our crew will help cover and protect the damaged area until the appropriate repairs can be made to your home.

You have questions, we have answers!

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