Get a Home Insurance Discount for Your Metal Roof

Metal Roof Insurance Discount

Many insurance companies offer discounts based on your roofing materials. If you currently have a metal roof or DYMI Construction is currently installing your new metal roof, you may want to call your insurance company to inquire if they offer any of the discounts we’ve detailed below.

Hail Resistant/ Impact Resistant Roof Discount

Many companies offer discounts if you’re roof is resistant to hail damage. Whether or not you can receive the discount depends on what roofing material was used and what roof coverings classification the roof falls under. How is this calculated? It’s dependent on what region your home is in—if it’s in an area with the worst history of hail damage, for example, you’ll get the bigger discount. The discount also depends on whether or not you have “homeowners” insurance or “Dwelling/extended insurance.” Be sure to check into this discount since the majority of insurance companies provide some sort of discount for impact resistant roofs.

Fire Resistant Roof Discount

Fire, possibly the biggest fear for homeowners, can be prevented by a Fire-Resistance Roof. As if a roof that will protect your loved ones, photographs, furniture and all your mementos isn’t enough, you can also get an insurance discount for having a fire resistance roof. It’s not as frequently-offered as discounts for Hail Resistant Roofs are, but it’s still worth checking into. Your metal roof is a fire resistant roof, so definitely look for an insurance company that offers a discount.

Metal Roofing Discount

Metal Roofs come in all shapes and sizes. They can be fire resistant and impact resistant, EnergyStar™ rated and brand new—all of these options are worthy of a discount. So if you have a metal roof, you can pretty much plan on gaining some sort of discount for having one. Sometimes, the discounts can be 30% or more. So not only will a metal roof save you money on energy costs, but it can also provide an insurance discount as well. The discount depends on factors such as location and material used and varies from provider to provider, but be sure to ask what sort of discount you’re entitled to receive for your metal roof.

New Roof Discount

This applies not only to new homeowners, but also to homeowners who’ve just added a new roof. Check insurance websites to see what types of discounts new homes, or new roofs can provide when new improvements are made to your home. Even if you already have insurance, but you just installed a new roof, you should contact your insurance company to see if they’ll issue some sort of discount. Even small home or roof repairs can dramatically drop your insurance costs.