An Introduction To Drexel Metals

Metal Roofing

Almost every resource you’ll find on how to hire a roofing contractor will suggest you find out about the manufacturers they use for the products being used on your roof.

We thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the company we view more as a partner, rather than just a manufacturer. Who they are, what they do and why they are tops in the industry.

About Drexel Metals

Founded in 1985, Drexel Metals Corporation was founded in 1985 and grew to become a leader 
in the distribution of painted metal for 
the roofing, architectural sheet metal, military and crop storage industries.

In 2009, Drexel Metals Inc. was formed
 as a successor company; and two
 years later, acquired custom fabricator Meti-Fab Manufacturing to further provide architects, designers, contractors and engineers with an expansive offering of inspiring products and artisan skills.

In addition to their own manufacturing abilities they extend their fabrication capacities to local DM-ARM members, who are authorized fabricators, certified Installers and distributors that further market Drexel Metals proven-brand products, all site-certified by Drexel Metals’ industry-leading warranty programs. Which is where DYMI Construction comes in.

Being able to custom fabricate everything we need for your project means faster turnaround time, lower costs and getting exactly what’s needed for any project, no matter how challenging.

Drexel Metals calls it Metal Roofing On-Demand and that’s exactly what it is.

Not Just About Business

Whether it’s a local Habitat project or local non profit, Drexel Metals and DYMI Construction give back to the communities that we live and work in.

Being socially responsible is an important part of their culture and having the ability to participate in local projects that benefit others is something Drexel Metals takes great pride in.

Whether its a local Habitat project, a local historical preservation board or helping with the design and construction of a smart house at a local university, Drexel Metals has been giving back and paying it forward for years.

We hope this serves as a worthy introduction to our partner and why we chose to partner with them. And, give you some added confidence when choosing DYMI Construction for your next roofing project.