Does It Make Sense To Save Now & Spend Later?

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Our last post tried to bring you into the thought process of a number of our clients. That post went over pretty well, so we’re going to try another one.

This time we want to talk about those clients who, in the past wanted to save as much as possible with the thought of being able to spend more a few years later.

While this may make some sense and may not cause any serious issues for some, for others, it’s lead to spending more money in the short term than they would have thought.

Save Now, Spend Later?

The scenario usually works some like this; we don’t/can’t spend the money up front right now on a new roof. So we’ll go as cheap as possible now and even if we only get 10 years out of this one we’ll make it up later. And like we said, this does make some sense and may not end in disaster. But there is no way to tell the future. The best idea is to prepare as best as we can for it.

What generally happens when you try to save as much money as you can with contractors, you have to choose between cheap labor or cheap supplies. However, unless you know what exactly goes into laying a new roof, how do you know what’s safe to save on? More often than not you end up sacrificing both.

Save Now, Spend Later, Spend Some More After That

When you save on labor, you risk hiring unqualified contractors that don’t have the experience to handle your needs. If you spend on the labor but skimp on the materials then you risk failure at a number of different points. The shingles, the plywood underneath or even the beams which hold everything up.

Picking the contractor coming in with the lowest bid can open your home to a combination of the two. Poor materials installed by unqualified roofing contractors.

Check in for part 2 of this post, where were detail what happened to an actual homeowner looking to save just 2 years ago.

In the meantime, as always, DYMI Contractors are always here to answer your roofing questions. Just reach out and drop us a line or give us a call.

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