The Florida Keys May Make Metal Roofs The Only Choice

Egg Harbor Metal Roof

It’s not easy for a business to write about the quality of the products they are trying to sell without customers thinking that we might be exaggerating, even just a little.

But then you come across a story like this which validates all the hard work you’ve put into promoting that product and in this case, it’s the quality, durability and effectiveness of Metal Roofing products.

There Is currently a proposal in Monroe County Florida, which comprises the Florida Keys, to make Metal Roofing a mandatory requirement for all new or replacement roofs a part of a new building ordinance.

In a quote obtained by the Miami Herald, “One significant observation from [post-Hurricane Irma] inspections is that metal roofs fared far better than those roofs covered by asphalt shingles,” says a county staff summary. “County residents who lost roofs during Irma have asked if there is a way to obtain help in paying to harden their homes by upgrading from traditional shingles to a metal roof.”

The Miami Herald also goes on to mention the roofing comparison report from State Farm Mutual Insurance, writing, “The company’s report also notes that metal roofs have a “much longer” life span of an estimated 40 to 70 years, are more energy efficient and generally withstand storm or impact damage better than less-expensive roofing.”

The crazy weather we’re seeing isn’t going away any time soon, wind storms, rain storms and hurricanes are only increasing in intensity, as we’re seen over the last few years. So when we at DYMI Construction say that Metal Roofing is the most cost effective and best material to protect your home or commercial building, don’t take our word for it, county inspectors and insurance companies are saying it for us.

You can read the whole Miami Herald article here: Metal roofs could become mandatory on Florida Keys homes.

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