What To Do If You Do Find A Roof Problem


It’s Sunday, you’ve done your roof inspection and see you may have a problem (yes, you have plenty of time before the game). You’re not sure how bad it is and may not want to spend for an emergency call. So here are some things to think about.

You Think You Might Have Some Damage

If you aren’t sure if your roof was damaged, but you suspect that it was, someone will have to take a look at it to find out. Take note of where you think the damage is and call a professional roofer, schedule an appointment for them to come down and perform a professional inspection. They know what to look for and can see the telltale signs.

The inspector will tell you how bad the damage is and let you know what your options are and if they are honest they’ll also let you know if it’s something you can DIY if you think you’re up for a project like that.

You can take the wait and see approach, but waiting to see a leak will only cost you more when you do decide to take care of it. In case you’re wondering, it looks like our next rain will be hitting us on Thursday.

You Know Your Roof is Damaged

Now if you can plainly see damage to your roof, you’re going to want to note where the damage is and immediately call a professional roof to come down and access the damage. Again, they will let you know the extent of the damage and give you your options. That might be a repair and how big of a repair, a DIY option or worst case, a replacement.

Working with a professional will make sure you’re home is protected even before the repairs start. They’ll make sure your roof is covered before they start work to ensure your home is protected in case rain or snow is expected before work can start. Giving you some peace of mind.

Tomorrow we’ll have a follow up should you choose the wait and see option and you end up with some leaks during the next rainfall. Check back for that link.

In the meantime, if you do need to call a roofing professional we at DYMI Construction are here to call if you have an emergency, need an inspection or just have a roofing question. We are always here to help.