Asphalt Shingles Are Just Not Worth It

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Traditional asphalt shingle roofs, your home’s first line of protection against weather and temperature protection is inadequate. Even in the type of winters and summers we get in the north east, asphalt shingle roofs average only 12 to 17 years of service life. With a modern metal roof you can have a system that can easily last two to three times longer, while also providing superior energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and often a significant energy savings.

With all the inspirational and exciting green building projects rated by the US Green Building Council, and an ever increasing demand for greener, Energy Star-certified homes, and zero energy homes, a cool metal roof can be one of the best exterior upgrades for your home. Modern metal roofing offers a great number of environmental benefits: it’s energy efficient, contains a significant proportion of recycled metal, and it’s fully recyclable at the end of its service life.

Building in a green and sustainable way does not have to be limited to high profile, commercial and institutional construction. In fact, the average American family can now take advantage of the everyday green building technology including residential metal roofing. It’s becoming increasingly more affordable and has earned the enviable spot of being the fastest growing residential roofing product on the market today.

Modern metal roofs are a superior replacement for asphalt shingle roofs, based on its many merits such as being able to provide many decades of a leak-free roof performance, its environmental friendliness, and importantly its meaningful energy savings. These savings can add up over the years to a nice chunk of change.

Another important factor that makes installing metal roofing a easier decision for homeowners, is that metal roofs retain their value far better than any other remodeling upgrade throughout their life. This means that metal roofs provide homeowners with a better chance to recoup their initial investment in case they ever decide to sell their home. Metal roofs can also provide a great selling point when it comes to staging the property for a new home buyer.

So in the end, asphalt shingles just aren’t worth is. If your roof is 10 years old or older, it’s time to make a change to a better roof for your home.

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