Knowing Your Contractor Means Knowing You’re Getting a Quality Roof

Know You Metal Roof Contractor

Every week we post on the DYMI website blog and Facebook. We try to bring you the best information we have on keeping your roof viable and the options available to you if you have to replace your roof. Or if your building your home and are looking for the best way to go to get the most out of your roof choice.

We talk about all the different roofing materials available, their pros and cons. The impact they play on the environment and how they’ll impact your monthly bills.

What we don’t talk a lot about is how you know you’re getting the best contractor for your roofing project. So today’s post will do just that. And this being spring when most people start looking to repair their homes, we think it’s perfect timing.

Choose the right metal roofing contractor/installer

You want to make sure you choose and partner with a reputable contractor with a good track record of quality installations. This will help reduce the likelihood of problems springing up.

Unfortunately, there are some contractors and installers who are inexperienced or unqualified to install metal roofing. This is why finding and ultimately choosing the right one is so important.

You want to ask the following questions when you’re interviewing contractors:

  • They are licensed, insured, and are they in good standing with the building department
  • Do they have proven experience installing metal roofing
  • Are helpful, responsive, and able to answer any and all of your questions
  • Can they provide detailed explanations of available products and installation processes
  • They have been recommended by family, friends, or neighbors who have used them as their installer
  • If you don’t know anyone who has a metal roof, look for reviews and recommendations online.

Do your research

Research is key, both before you buy and even after. Know as much information as possible about issues that could arise, who you should contact in case it does, and always make the most educated decision from what you’ve learned.

No one can predict the future, but knowing about problems that could potentially occur with a metal roof system puts you one step ahead during the buying process.


  • Ask for referrals when choosing a roofing contractor/installer
  • Do not try to fix the problem yourself or without professional assistance
  • Check your warranty and understand when something could be a legitimate claim
  • Do routine checks to ensure there isn’t a compromise in the roofing structure
  • Ask questions and remain educated on potential problems

As always DYMI Construction is here to help provide you with the information and the products you need to have a metal roof that lasts. Contact us today to speak with our experienced, knowledgeable metal roofing experts.