The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Save Your Roof

DYMI Metal Roofing Project

Three Nor’easters back to back. One came with incredible wind and rain, one with heavy wet snow and the last, thankfully wasn’t too bad for most of us here, just a windy couple of days.

When we posted about the storms we had to look forward to at the beginning of the winter, we got a lot of feedback that it wasn’t going to happen, we were being silly, and on and on. We think it was mostly because we said it was going to happen because of climate change. No matter what is causing these intense storms…they are happening.

We’re bringing this up because of the sheer volume of damage that we are seeing in the area. Wind damage, damage from trees that came down thanks to all the wet snow clinging to the branches.

The common factor we are seeing over and over happens to be homeowners are not heeding the advice to do a roof inspection, either by the homeowner or calling a professional and have them do a complete evaluation.

Many of the emergency cases we are seeing are wind damage that could have been prevented. Loose shingles and flashing that went unnoticed were torn off during the first storm. Weak spots that turned into holes and water damage in the second storm. Tree limbs that were too close to roofs that ended up crashing down caving in whole sections.

Most of these situations could have been avoided with a simple roof inspection. A lot of these situations could have avoided by the roofing material chosen for the home.

Now we understand blogs like this, from some contractors always come off like a sales pitch. However, if you read through everything we’ve posted you’ll notice we don’t do that. We try to give you any information you might need when considering what to do with your roof.

We explain to you how to do your own roof inspection and what to look for. And for those who think it might be too much to handle on your own, we offer a free, no strings attached offer for a profession roof inspection. No hard sell tactics, just the facts, and photos showing you the current condition of your roof and your options.

What we at DYMI Construction want are homeowners and business owners that are happy and safe. That’s why we continue to urge you to check your roofs or have us do it. This one simple step can save you money and potential heartache.

As always, we are always here to take your questions or have us come down to look at your roof.