We’re Adding To Your ToDo List, But Only This Weekend

Wind Damage Shingle Roof

We’re going to do something a little different today, we’re going to make this interactive.

You’ve read some of our posts about having your roof inspected or to visually take a look at your roof yourself, to check for damage after bad weather. Well we certainly have had some bad weather hit us and the freezing temps are no friend to shingled roofs. Add to that the wind and snow which can cause ice damming at the roof line and you have a recipe for serious damage. Now with heavy rains hitting us for the next day or so, that damage may just be making itself known.

Ice Dam Roof DamageWhat we want you to do is take a look at your roof, snap some pictures and post them. That’s the interactive part. How did your roof fair after the big freeze? Let’s take a look and make sure you’re ok. You’re also going to want to, if you can, get into the attic and check for any damage there. Are there any damp or wet spots on the plywood or the floor for that matter? Take a few pictures of those areas too. Post them and we’ll have a look and see if we can spot anything you may have missed.

It’s a good habit to get into after any bad weather and if your roof is getting up there in years it’s a necessity. You may not want to call to have a roof Damaged Shingle Roofinginspection done because you’re worried there is a catch or you’ll be pressured into buying something. We understand that, so the next best thing is having a look for yourself, take a few photos and post them. You don’t want to find out there is a major problem with your when it’s too late and we don’t want that for you either.

If you do want a professional inspection done, DYMI Construction is for you, no pressure, no selling, and no obligation. Call or send us a message today. We’re looking forward to your photos!