Spring Has Sprung, It’s Time To Get The Roof Done!

Standing Seam Roof Installation

Spring has sprung! This is the season when the most homes are listed for sale. When homeowners break out their to-do lists and repair lists. It’s the season when they make up their minds to finally take care of those big-ticket repairs, like the roof that just took a beating this winter. Let’s take a look at what some owners are thinking.

600 homeowners recently surveyed by the Metal Roofing Alliance, said durability was their number one priority when thinking about a new roof for their home. Their main concern centered around severe weather and climate-related factors.

Metal roofing had the ability to withstand hurricane force winds (140 mph), hail storm damage, and can hold up under unexpected heavy snow loads. This is why it has become a major selling point for homeowners wanting to guard against weather’s unpredictability. If this winter has taught us anything, it’s how unpredictable our weather had become.

Thinking beyond their own home

What came as a bit of a shock to us was another main concern of the surveyed homeowners, sustainability.

While preparing for climate change is a reality for today’s homeowners, lessening the impact on the earth’s resources also continues to be a key concern.

For the environmentally conscious, the fact that metal roofing lasts 50-years plus (nearly two to three times longer than other materials), can be recycled at the end of that long life rather than dumped into the landfill and is energy efficient are significant benefits.

Quality metal roof coatings can also mean lower long-term maintenance by naturally resisting moss and fungus. That reduces the need for strong chemical treatments that can be harmful to the environment and lesser quality products.

The environmental benefits of selecting metal roofing are becoming well-known, but there are still misconceptions to overcome. One such misconception is the belief that a metal roof will cause a home to be hotter in extreme summer temperatures. Total untrue and we’ve written about it before.

Energy Savings

Lighter colors and high-performing metal roof coatings known as “cool roofs” do a better job reflecting solar radiation, are ENERGY STAR qualified, and help save energy by lowering roof temperatures by as much as 50 percent. Saving you money in the long run.

Homeowners looking to protect their home against climate change and make a sustainable choice when it comes to either choosing a roof for a brand new build or re-roofing their home, the fact that metal roofing is gaining greater market acceptance is good news. It really is the most cost-effective choice. As always, we at DYMI Construction are here to answer any questions you might have. Give DYMI a call or drop us a line today!